What Can You Do to Help Protect the Ancient Cedar ?  

Tell your friends about the Ancient Cedar.

Encourage them to walk the Ancient Forest Trail. 

Do not purchase products which are made from Ancient Cedar trees. Ask your store owner where the trees were logged.  All tight grained 'old growth' cedar should be suspect. Some bona-fide salvage of dead trees may be acceptable. Cedar mulch for landscaping is often produced from ancient cedar. You can vote to save the cedar with your dollars.



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You can copy and paste these requests-

  • Stop logging  irreplaceable ancient cedar forests. 

  • Preserve The Ancient Forest (also known as block 486) as an informative and interpretive trail. 

  • Create the Walker Rainforest Wilderness 

  • Preserve the remaining old cedar of the POB Road, which is locally known as ‘The Parthenon™.  

into Emails addressed to these people who have the power to make a difference:

Ask TRC Cedar LTD. to not log The Ancient Forest tom@trccedar.com

Address the following specific Request to:

BC Integrated Land Management Bureau, Planning Team Leader, Shannon Carson: 


Establish spatially defined Old Growth Management Areas to meet the 53% level of old growth in the Interior Cedar Hemlock Biogeoclimatic Zone (ICH) as required in the Biodiversity Objectives.  Do not use logged, young or dead forests to meet the Biodiversity Objectives. Do use Ancient Cedar.

If you have ideas you would like to share on how to save the ancient cedar please email: rainforest@ancientcedar.ca


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