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We visited the Ancient Forest on September 21, 2009 on our trip from Vancouver via Vancouver Island, Princeton, Kamloops, Prince George, Jasper, Banff, Edmonton, Drumheller to Calgary. On Vancouver Island we visited Cathedral Grove which is also awesome, but had (too) many visitors. In the Ancient Forest we were the only visitors which allowed us to fully undergo the majestic feeling of the ancient trees. We walked the trail from the parking lot to the Big tree and back (we are not much used to climbing and my wife was, after reading the warning signs, very anxious to run into a bear, so we kept it short). I took a lot of pictures of which the enclosed one gives for me the best impression of the forest on this fall day.

It was a most rewarding stop, and we are thankful to the receptionist at the Prince George Visitor Centre, who brought it to our attention.

Thanks for your efforts to save this forest and make it accessible.

Bart Jurgens
The Netherlands